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Working together with Pontomobi, we created the entire digital part of the beverage delivery service, which works as a 24-hour availability system.

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Web development

In 2015, Criasol was invited by Pontomobi to develop a new delivery project for Belo Horizonte (MG): Zé Delivery. Our role in the journey was to create the digital part of the new service, which would be managed by Ambev, and would work as a 24-hour beverage delivery system.

We accepted the challenge and mobilized our planning, web development, systems development and design teams so that, together, we could create a website as the first version of this new project.


Criasol conceived a page that makes available the entire catalog of drinks offered by the service, between alcoholic and non-alcoholic, so that the customer who enters the site can select the desired products, confirm the order and receive it quickly , based on a friendly, easy and fast interface, with a design thought out to optimize the user's shopping experience.

The site performs the integration between orders and beverage distributors in the city, which are responsible for delivery and billing - and this became possible thanks to the order management system developed entirely by Criasol especially for this project.

The success of the brand is indisputable.

Today, Zé Delivery is the sponsor of the player Vini Jr., one of the main players of the Brazilian national team in the 2022 World Cup.

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