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Data Visualization and Integration with Google Maps

Together with Plan B, we developed a platform to show real-time data on pre-salt exploration in the Santos Basin.

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System development

System development

In partnership with an agency (Plan B) responsible for Petrobras' digital communication, Criasol was asked to create an informative website about the company's activities in the Santos Basin, the largest offshore sedimentary basin in Brazil.

The greatest challenge was to create a platform that presented all the geographic references of the Basin, in addition to providing, in real time, information on the pre-salt exploration that began in 2009 and, until today, is a milestone for the country.


Criasol took on the challenge and developed a Petrobras accountability website for the Brazilian population.

Keeping the original layout, but making it responsive, the address has Google Maps resources and is the ideal place to inform what is being done in the Santos Basin.

The page is fully customized to meet the need for good usability practices and user experience, bringing reliability to the organization.

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