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Complete remaking of all digital channels

The proposal to integrate the institution's various websites and networks made the entire digital communication more integrated, generating more than 1 million accesses per year.

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Grupo Santa Casa de Belo Horizonte had a special demand:  

the complete remaking of its digital communication, since the objective was to apply a more global and modern strategy to support the public to the institution's website and networks.


We carried out a site requirements survey and, along with the information architecture, we identified the profile of users and their needs. From then on, Criasol proposed to organize the information of the seven companies of the Santa Casa BH Group independently. Then, each company or branch had their own page within the same portal, with autonomy for creating its contents.

For the Santa Casa Teaching and Research Institute, we developed a large management system for various enrollment and selection processes, as well as a management system focused only on student enrollment.

For Funerária Santa Casa, we created a virtual store for wreaths with an integrated logistics system, ensuring agility in the delivery of orders, given the natural urgency of this demand.

Currently, the portal delivered by Criasol to Santa Casa BH has more than one million accesses per year, which makes this project one of our greatest success stories.

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