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Gamification and study engagement

Mentor is an app/platform for personalized guidance for students who want to follow a study plan for public exams and competitions.

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System development

We started the project with a meeting with the client to understand the real need that would be addressed, as well as which technologies would be used.

The first step involved analyzing the information architecture, identifying the crucial areas of the system. Our team collaborated intensively with the client to understand the specific nuances related to the study method and what data would be measured. This process resulted in the creation of moodboards and wireframes, thus defining the basic structure and navigation of the platform.

With the prototype well defined, the design team brought the platform to life by designing the entire interface and standardizing the layout through a styleguide. This not only gave the platform a unique visual identity, but also established clear guidelines for visual consistency across the system.

During the design stage, one of the challenges our team faced, was editing the client's images, which needed to have a slightly darker look, resembling the backgrounds of 1st person action games. To achieve this, the team created a specific color palette, ensuring that the images integrated with the rest of the interface in a cohesive way, maintaining the already established visual identity.

After defining and approving everything that was designed, we began developing the O Mentor Concursos management system.

We created an administration panel where our client can monitor and manage all competitive exams, students, statistics, study hours, etc., inside the platform. This complexity of data allows the company to have several insights both at a strategic level (what students need and/or use most) and at an individual level (a student who is using the platform less than he/she should, can receive a call or reminder to help them) .

Finally, we also developed the front-end and back-end with appropriate technologies, integrating everything that had already been done and refining some features to the business rules indicated by the client.

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