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Real-time inventory, purchasing and sales control

We developed a dynamic and intelligent platform, 100% tailored to the client's needs, assisting him in making assertive decisions, integrating advanced forecasting functionalities with the familiarity of an Excel spreadsheet.

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System development

The challenge

Companhia Espirituosa is a Portuguese company that works with the purchase, sale and distribution of drinks to several countries in Europe. In this project, our client's main challenge was to integrate the visualization of various data on a single screen (e.g. stock control) with the possibility of placing orders and making sure that all of its employees also have access to the same information in real time.

Given this, the company then decided to abandon the old management using an Excel spreadsheet (it was not possible to control user permissions or update data) and thus made a significant change: it participated in an intensive collaboration with our team to create a new platform, dynamic and intelligent, fully integrated into existing systems.

Wireframe and User Experience (U.X.)

In this project, one of the main goals was to maintain the user experience (U.X.) that the client already had with Excel. Therefore, much of the work was meticulously mapping the main features and filters he used and then defining a navigation flow (through wireframes) for the new platform.

Once these points were established, the new interface was intended to be cleaner and more intuitive, in addition to making it easier for different collaborators to easily find the desired content (e.g. quickly filter a product with low stock, indicated in orange).

Transformative knowledge

Our long experience in creating software has demonstrated that we can transform something simple and complex at the same time - like an Excel spreadsheet - into a comprehensive and efficient system. This transformation simplifies processes, and frees the client to focus on the strategic complexity of their business, having more assertive responses according to the specific needs of the company's current situation.

Final result

The end result is a significant renewal in data and process management, highlighting the synergy between our tailored solution and the collaboration with the Companhia Espirituosa team. With intuitive navigation and advanced features, the platform will provide a holistic view of the business, allowing for more efficient and strategic management. Synthesizing the entire project, our proposal helped transform the logistics management part of the company, thus promoting greater efficiency and informed decision-making.

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